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Topaz® electronic signature pads and software are fully supported for Epic 2014 through 2018 & beyond.

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The Topaz software for Epic, SigToolESI, provides full compatibility with your Topaz signature pads, Topaz-signed Epic documents, our patented biometric signatures and signature/document binding, a wide variety of remote platforms if needed, together with many of the rich features available in the Epic eSign API.

Version Information:

Last Updated December 6, 2019


SigToolESI: V5.92.0


SigPlus: V4.4.85.0

To download and set-up SigToolESI for Epic, see the steps below:



The MSI installers for SigToolESI and the SigPlus® drivers (two separate MSI installers) for Epic are available for download below (view the .txt files included in the .zip file for additional information, including unattended installation instructions).


SigToolESI & SigPlus MSI

For all versions of Epic, including 2018 and Versionless


Note: For local use, install SigToolESI onto your client computer; do not continue with step 2 below. For use in Citrix XenApp with COM port forwarding or USB redirection, do not yet install SigToolESI and continue with step 2 below.

STEP 2: (optional)

Choose Your Environment

Select your environment below to configure your local client computer/terminal and install SigToolESI onto your server. Follow these instructions explicitly:


Citrix XenApp & COM Port Forwarding


For use with pad models ending in BSB-R, BT2-R, or B-R

Citrix XenApp & USB Redirection


For use with pad models ending in BSB-R or HSX-R

For assistance with HSB-R signature pad models, contact us.





Epic users with Topaz signature pads receive dedicated support ambassadors to help with any questions during all stages of the set-up process. If you need assistance selecting an option, or if you do not see your environment or pad model listed, contact your Topaz Epic Support Ambassadors at epic_support@topazsystems.com.



If you are not an Epic user, view the complete list of Topaz® models and SigPlus® downloads.

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